About Us

The Coal Valley playgroup was established in 2008 . It has been established and maintained by  local mums, dads and carers who believe in the importance of providing a safe and stimulating environment where babies, toddlers and preschool aged children can  learn and practice their emerging social skills and have the opportunity to play creatively and physically with their peers. We also believe it is important to bring parents and carers of young children together so they can feel a sense of community and support and reduce the feelings of isolation that may develop in the absence of such opportunities.

Group of mothers and childrenThe Coal Valley Playgroup offers a relaxed play session for children with the principal aim to provide a place where parents, carers, children and babies can play and meet together in a friendly and comfortable environment. The St Johns Catholic Primary School in Richmond generously supports the Coal Valley Playgroup through provision of the venue (Kindergarten room) and facilities (craft activities, bikes, play equipment etc).

Parents, carers, children and babies aged from 0-5years are welcome to attend. In accordance with the Child Health Association of Tasmania, all members of the playgroup are required to become members of the Child Health Association of Tasmania – you can apply for membership here. New visitors to the playgroup are offered once visit before membership is required.

The parents and carers set up and run the playgroup, which includes organising a range of activities to suit the needs of the children attending. Parents and carers are encouraged to assist in the activities, play with the children and to interact with other adults.  The activities at playgroup are either free or of low cost and may include:


Music and singing

Imaginative play (eg. dress-up, role play)

Outdoor and free play (eg. bikes, sandpit, play equipment)

Art and craft activities (eg. painting, cutting, pasting, creating)

Outings (eg. Teddy Bears Picnic)